About Me

EnchantmentI have lived on High Dartmoor for over 20 years and most of my photographs are taken within an hour's walk of my house. Every day I am awed by this landscape where hills, streams, trees, valleys and tors create marvellous shapes and contours:- these, when combined with the ever-changing light and weather, make photography a dream.

Being resident here, in the heart of the Moor, I am privileged to be present when those elusive and magical images emerge that capture the unique atmosphere of Dartmoor. I hope these photographs recreate for you the entrancing and fleeting interaction between the light, the weather, and the land itself that make Dartmoor so special.

OVER THE CATTLE GRID - Life on the High Moor

Exhibition held at Dartmoor National Park’s Visitor Centre, Princetown March - May 2009

I have lived in the heart of Dartmoor for over 20 years and take most of my photographs within an hour’s walk of my home. Because I am resident here, I gain a unique take on the landscape, able to reflect its moods in all seasons & catch those blink-&-you-miss it moments.

This exhibition is called “Over the Cattle Grid” as I feel these grids mark a boundary between the lowlands with its cities, motorways, ‘civilization’, and the uplands where there is, for me, freedom and fresh air. I breathe a sigh of relief when I cross over one coming home.

Living up here can be extremely hard – we have the highest rainfall in the SW of England, the winds are bitingly cold, sometimes just walking out of doors is an enormous effort, and our growing season starts a month after everywhere else.

We are also extremely lucky. We catch the ever-changing light as clouds scud across the tors, or that elusive rainbow lighting the valleys; we watch the mist disappear as the sun seeps through, and measure the rainfall by watching exhilarating floods come over the clapper bridge.

Through the year farming and the weather give a rhythm to our lives.

We know those great plumes of smoke across the hills are swaling to burn off the dead grasses and spring is coming; we see the lambs and foals on the roads and have to drive especially carefully and so our journey into town will take longer; we hear the sound of harvesting tractors in summer, and follow trailers of hay and straw across the Moor in autumn and know we will soon be wearing wellies and two extra sweaters to go shopping in winter.

This is the landscape we live ‘in’, the High Moor that we weave our lives around. I hope you enjoy these photographs as a glimpse of what it’s like to live up here, over the cattle grid.